Capital Market - Capital Fintech

On November 27, 2020, the Finance Innovation cluster organized a Webinar entitled "Capital Market - Capital Fintech".

Alongside Vincent Lapadu-Hargues, Head of Asset Management at Finance Innovation:

  • Antoine Connault, Head of Global Markets Incubator at Société Générale

  • Paul Bezault, CEO & co-founder of AssetSagacity

  • Emmanuel Danzin, Head of business development at ICA

  • Anne-Claire Jeancolas, CEO and co-founder of Kesitys

On the agenda, testimonials from each of the participants on the relationships between Fintechs and Capital Markets institutions and the answers of each startup to the three questions:

  1. What specific need do you propose to address?

  2. How does your offer fit into your clients' businesses?

  3. What is your innovation factor?

See Kesitys and the entire Webinar here: